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Le’Veon Bell has been in a holding pattern
the entire 2018 season. Every step in this process Hines Ward Jersey , the Steelers have been wondering what their All-Pro running back was going to do. While the Steelers knew they wouldn’t see Bell during offseason workouts, or even training camp, once Week 1 rolled around and Bell was an absentee...the real waiting began.As players were asked incessantly about Bell’s whereabouts, week by week Bell left $855 thousand dollars on the table weekly. Rumors were Bell would report during the team’s Week 7 bye week.Nope.Some thought when he bid farewell to Miami via Twitter, he was heading to the Steel City. Well, he showed up, but just to play some pick up basketball at an LA Fitness.It now came to the point where either Bell reports before Tuesday leading up to Week 11, or he is forced to sit out the entire season Isaiah Buggs Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey , this per the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the NFLPA and the NFL owners.Most assume with Bell in the area, he will be showing up on Monday, or Tuesday, to get back on the field and possibly do some damage before hitting free agency next offseason.According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, this isn’t likely to happen:Schefter wasn’t the only NFL insider to have some sources, possibly the same ones, say how Bell isn’t going to be showing this season.This from the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport:The comments Rapoport is referring to by Art Rooney II would be comments he made to the NFL Network radio station on Sirius/XM Radio prior to the team’s Week 10 game vs. the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football. During the interview Rooney spoke about how the team fully expects Bell to return for the stretch run, and according to Rapoport the team wants Bell back Isaiah Buggs Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey , but Bell doesn’t reciprocate those feelings.This could just be another rumor in this sordid timeline, or it could be the truth. Either way, fans will know soon enough whether Bell will be a part of this 2018 team, or if they will be moving forward with a backfield of James Conner, Stevan Ridley and Jaylen Samuels. Going into the Pro Bowl, the players from the Pittsburgh Steelers knew they would be faced with numerous questions about the Antonio Brown situation. Fortunately for Maurkice Pouncey, he was asked by Steelers reporter Missi Matthews about the promotion of his new offensive line coach Shaun Sarrett.“I couldn’t be more happier. He’s a guy who’s learned a lot from Coach Munch. But first of all, he played football he knows the inns and out of it. He played offensive line. He knows the grit of it: the pass protection Isaiah Buggs Jersey 2019 , the run blocking, and things like that. He’s really honed in on technique. Playing football and offensive line that’s the one thing you’ve got to teach guys is being a technician and playing the game the right way and he has that. I think he’s learned from one of the best – a Hall of Famer – and obviously a Hall of Fame coach in my opinion as well. He has a lot to lean on and we have a lot to look forward to with him being our O-line coach.”Pouncey was also asked about the report that he reached out to Coach Sarrett via text immediately on hearing the news.“Yeah, 100%. Because I was just so happy for him. I’ve been with him a long time now and I know how much he cares and how much he puts in every single week. And how much he can get us a lot better. With the new things going on in the NFL and how it’s changed a little bit, I think he’s perfect for the job.”When Coach Sarrett first got the job, there were reports out about his dedication and long hours spent at the Steelers facility. Mark Kaboly of The Athletic PGH tweeted the followingTongueouncey was asked about what he has already learned from Coach Sarrett in his time with the Steeler since 2012.“Just how to be more of a technician. He really is big on tape study and pushing the envelope on showing different things. Each week with the guys are going against he details his work a lot. You can appreciate that when you’re playing – a guy that’s detailed and working his butt off for you and you see all the work going in it all week. But you still got to go out there and perform, but I think he’s right guy to lead us in the right way.”Sarrett also did an interview with Missi Matthews which was released on Steelers.com Thursday morning which can be seen here.

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