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h a season, such a r
Such a season, such a rain, people forget that this is a hot summer. In fact, it has been a long time, not to remember the traces of rain, I do not know whether to forget the rain, or to isolate myself. In the evening, when I once again immersed myself in its chest, I realized that it was still beautiful. When it rains, walk the streets. No matter the dripping raindrops, or gently sliding over the face and leaving a cool rain, or the rain and rain that fell off the side of the body Marlboro Cigarettes, it is such a beautiful and difficult. Passers-by are in a hurry, only to walk leisurely. Let the raindrops drifting down on your own very relaxed face, the arms of the dew are as fast as the rain and fog, when the time is big and small, when the time is slow, I keep holding the one from the middle. Put a sky blue umbrella. Open the umbrella, there is a narrow blue space above the head, you can only look around the world that is not spacious in the rain; although more often you want to put it up, it will hinder yourself from watching the higher, wider and wider rain. The beauty of the world, due to the rain, still can not believe in the smooth mood of this mood, perhaps because of the fear of a dripping raindrop soaking in your own cold, gradually, the joy of entering the rain curtain A lost sorrow sinks, when it is slow, the mood seems to be as gray as the rainy sky in front of it, and it seems that it will be swallowed up by the darkness with a gradual haze. Although everything is still beautiful around, but everything seems to be so uninhibited Parliament Cigarettes, it is always accompanied by a sigh of sigh, one voice, two sounds... perhaps the pity of heaven, or perhaps it��s sad The pity sigh moved a star language from outside the time and space. Because of this moment, I clearly saw and felt a bright light rising from the rain and fog. This is a light of devoutness that seems to carry romance. It is a light of salvation that has once dissipated all the lingering feelings that have been born in the rain and fog. This is the dream of a praying for the soul. It is clear in the misty rain, like a red fire, but like a pink dream. When this almost heavenly dream is so clearly presented in front of oneself, it seems that the rain is no longer rain, but a note that jumps with dreams between heaven and earth, and they appear as dreams for themselves. What kind of miracle was born? This time, I have already forgotten myself in the red dust. I also learned how to make myself dance like a song and dance in the world Newport Cigarettes. Despite the poor dance, he can still dance intoxicatedly. It��s like the beauty of the rain, and it has become the perfect combination of this dance. One falling, one note; a rain line, a string; a rain curtain, a swan song. The dancers are embarrassed and intoxicated; the dreams come from each other, and the dreams follow the dreams. Even if it is not a legend that can be conceived in reality, it will become a swan song in the overflow of this rain curtain, a paragraph; raindrops, movements, legends, dreams. The dancers are obsessed. Just, I don��t know how long it��s been, this is like the legendary dream of a mirage. The rain has been going down, the rain is still going down, and the corners of the end of the world are filled with this beautiful rain. The rain is falling, but I still feel that my dreams are not flying. In the distance when the rain fell, the dreams of the back sighed and smiled, so that the dreams would not stay for a long time. The inner feelings of the tide surged, the feeling is already a legend, deeply remembered so beautiful, do not believe in dreams, look forward to another rain dream legend.
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