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Starting several years ago and ramping up
more recently Benny Snell Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey , PFT has proposed a simple approach to improving officiating: Add an eighth member to each officiating crew, who would sit in a booth at the stadium, watch all available network camera angles, and communicate with the referee in real time, as part of the first look at a play and not the official replay process. Coincidentally, someone with far more ability and standing had the same idea long before we did.Ed Bouchette of the explains that the late Dan Rooney articulated a similar approach long ago.“Rooney told me when replay was in its infancy as a means to ‘get the calls right’ that his suggestion was a simple one: Add a member to each officiating crew and put him upstairs in a booth so he can watch the game on a TV screen and also view replays.“He would have the same authority as the officials on the field to call penalties, but most importantly for other purposes. He could discuss a called penalty with the rest of the crew if it were obvious to him it was not a penalty. They do that now at times when a flag is thrown —聽the officials huddle, and then decide there was no penalty.”Bouchette added via text message that he doesn’t know whether Dan Rooney ever officially proposed this approach. Regardless of whether he did Benny Snell Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey , the time for seriously considering it has come.Everyone at home now sees in high definition and on crisp, clear flat screens that which the officials never see, but for the formal replay-review process. The league needs to have an official who is watching what the rest of us are watching, bridging that gap and intervening immediately to fix mistakes before they become official rulings on the field.The fact that someone who had a key role in hiring the current Commissioner suggested this approach should get the current Commissioner to at least take a look at it, especially since the current Commissioner has a serious problem when it comes to the quality of officiating. This is the simplest, easiest way to improve the process. The Raiders were believed to be a contender for receiver Antonio Brown from the moment the Steelers made it clear they were moving on from him. But the Raiders wisely were coy, resisting making the first move — and as a result pilfering him from Pittsburgh.G.M. Mike Mayock explained how things went down during a Friday visit to .“I kept saying, ‘We’re not interested Benny Snell Jersey 2019 ,'” Mayock said. “Then the Buffalo thing fell through. One of their guys reached out to Jon [Gruden].  . . . [Steelers GM] Kevin [Colbert] said to me, ‘Would you trade your two? I said, ‘No, but we might trade our three.'”Last year, the Raiders traded their three from the trade down from No. 10 to No. 15 to the Steelers for receiver Martavis Bryant, so it was definitely going to take more than that to get Brown. Ultimately, the Raiders got Brown for a three and a five, a deal that looks even better after the Browns gave up a one Cheap Benny Snell Jersey , a three, and a player taken with a first-round pick in 2017 to get Odell Beckham.The outcome reconfirms the value of a poker face when negotiating trades. The Steelers failed to create the impression that they’d keep Brown, although they tried (too late) to change the perception/reality that they would take whatever they can get. The Raiders opted to say “not interested,” “not interested,” “not interested,” “not interested,” and “did I stutter?” until the price dropped to a point where the Raiders got interested.

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