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Some people say that
Some people say that expectation is something that a person must do every day. As long as there is expectation, there will be motivation for struggle every day. There is always a expectation in everyone's mind, some people are looking forward to becoming famous, some people are looking forward to having a lot of money, and I am looking forward to meeting with my loved ones. "Booming, the train is coming." I stood on the platform and kept looking around Cigarettes For Sale, afraid to miss her back. There are a lot of people coming and going, and there are countless people on the platform. Looking at many girls who seem to be walking her, my heart is like falling from a cliff, because I am afraid that we missed each other, and later a bounce The girl jumped in front of me and patted me on the shoulder and said, "Are you my sister?" Looking at her outline carefully, it was like me when I was a child. Just when I was thinking about becoming fascinated, suddenly a voice woke me up. "Get out of bed, still dreaming!" I was dreaming! Sweet dreams, the scene in the dream is that I have been looking forward to listening to my grandmother about the sister since that time. When I was very young, my sister was Adopted by others, far away and far away, since that time, my heart has always had an expectation, looking forward to meeting my sister. Every time I saw two sisters walking on the street, I missed my sister Marlboro Gold. Although I don��t know what she is like, it should be a bit like me. Let��s go shopping together, talk about things together, bully boys, how good. what! But this is just an expectation. Mom never let me mention my sister. The world of adults, our children don��t always understand, right? Whenever you see someone, especially a girl who is younger than me, being bullied by a boy Newport Cigarettes, I will always go back and help her, because this is the duty and responsibility of my sister. I remember one time, when my mother and I were shopping, we found a little girl crying in the corner. The people around us looked at her inexplicably. Maybe she thought she was spoiled, but I felt that she really cried. It seems to be very scared. I ran over and asked her, "What's wrong, little sister?" She said with a tear in her hand: "I lost my mother." Seeing her reminds me of my sister, if this is her, Will someone help her? After thinking about it, I pulled her up and touched her head and said, "Reassure, my sister will change her mother back!" Then I took her to the consultation center and put a radio. Soon, the girl's mother found this and saw the scene of their hugs together. It was really warm! Although she is not my sister, it is also a thing that a sister has done. Everyone has an expectation, HOLD live it, just believe Miracles will surely appear, just as I look forward to meeting my sister, as long as I believe that it will come true!
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