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The emergence of the
The emergence of the rainbow is a beautiful misunderstanding of the blue sky and the white clouds. The appearance of the flowers is a beautiful misunderstanding of the trees and the leaves, and the beautiful misunderstandings have given me a piece of pure friendship to fly a piece of "fat hearing class." There was a transfer student who was a fat boy! When he appeared in the class, the first feeling that gave me was ��fat.�� He was all meat on the body, and from a distance, he was ��fat��. I didn't care about him. I didn't care until the class teacher told him to sit next to me Wholesale Cigarettes. I was hostile to him. The world that belonged to me was actually given to others. No way! I saw him walking politely to me. In front of him, said: "Hello, my name is Xiaobai! "I didn't pay attention to him. I only looked at the table on the 38th line. Once he crossed my territory, he would die! The war started my heavy test every day. He ate and drank more snacks and tonics. That smell It��s really annoying to turn around around me all day! I warned him not to eat in the seat. He seems to have made a big mistake. ��I��m sorry,�� I��m talking. Since then, I��ve seen it. He went to the railing outside the classroom and saw him sweating. I was a little happy! "I finally caught him!" "Because I was sitting in my seat early, he could only get in from the table when he was sitting against the wall. Obviously, this is a problem for him. How can the fat body get in? He has a bad grade and asked me should What should I do? I will give him a training, and I will do mathematics workbooks every day and read English. When I see the simple mind, he scratches his head because of math problems. "Revenge now!" "Nothing brought to me will happen to this kind of thing. When we were reading, suddenly a sound came from my ear, as if something fell on the ceiling? I saw the fan falling from the sky, I have not had time to think, I feel There was a pair of hands behind me pushing me away. I fainted. When I woke up, I found lying in the hospital and heard my mother talking about the day. If it wasn��t for me, the fan might hurt my head Cheap Cigarettes. Recalling that day, after he pushed me away, he was injured Marlboro Cigarettes, but he also walked over to me and said to me: Don't be afraid, I will protect you! These are only in my vague impression, I want to see more. To him, he said to him sincerely, "Thank you for coming back, but after a few months of disappearing, I looked forward to disappointment until I received your letter. It turns out that you have malnutrition and need to supplement your nutrition before you can eat supplements all day long. It turns out that in your eyes, how much help my "revenge plan" is for you. Because of me, you will study hard, this is in your opinion. It turned out that on that day, you spared no effort to save me, just because you told me that I will protect you. I thought I could tell you thank you personally, but you have to transfer, because your father is worried about your safety and health. Are you coming back? I will not force you to come in from the bottom of the table in the future, do not force you to do the math problems you hate me and your friendship, because of a misunderstanding, it is beautiful, but let me have a pure friendship.
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