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Patrick Willis Jersey
Hello there Patrick Willis Jersey , 49er faithful! Another weekend of football is upon us and we are here to provide you with everything you will need for week 9 of the college football season. There are several top 25 matchups that are worth your attention, along with some intriguing prospects on both sides of the ball that we should all keep our eyes on. We’ve got games to watch with prospects included below - take a look and tell us who you’ll be watching in the comments below!Josh EcclesMarvel Tell III, S, No. 7- USCHeight: 6’3” | Weight: 190Arizona State at USC | 12:30 p.m. (PT) Saturday, October 27 | ABC/ESPN 2/WatchESPNAny team looking to add help to their secondary - specifically at either safety spot - in the 2019 draft better do it within the first 3 rounds as the talent drops off after that. That’s where USC Trojans Marvel Tell III comes into play. The junior safety is thought to be a top 50 prospect in his class and for good reason. Tell possesses all the qualities you want in a young player: a high motor, a tendency to be where the ball is more often than not, and an ability to read offenses and adjust accordingly to how plays develop.The Trojans have had a down year: freshman quarterback JT Daniels has shown flashes but is still obviously young, the defense has had its fair share of injuries pile up, and Clay Helton seemingly hasn’t put his players in the best positions to succeed. Tell III, though, has been a bright spot during a tough transition year for the team but will look to continue leading his young squad against an up-and-coming Arizona State team trying to find its identity in the new era of Herman Edwards.Cody Ford, T/G, No. 75 - OklahomaHeight: 6’3” | Weight: 335Kansas State at Oklahoma | 12:30 p.m. (PT) Saturday, October 27 | ESPNCody Ford entered Norman as a guard but has recently moved to tackle and has been the most consistent presence on the Sooners front line, providing protection for the high-powered attack led by head coach Lincoln Riley and starting quarterback Kyler Murray. Not many people talk about Ford but one look at the tape and you’d be able to tell that he has what it takes to become a pro-caliber offensive lineman. Ford plays with good leverage and shows some heavy hands to manipulate defenders. While Ford looks well put together, he shows some quickness to the second level and is more athletic than one would think from the eye ball test. In the pass rush, Lindstrom uses his hands well with good placement and sustains his block. If San Francisco is considering securing Joe Staley’s eventual replacement in this year’s draft then Cody Ford should get a long, hard look before it’s all said and done.Alex EisenChase Claypool, WR, No. 83 - Notre DameHeight: 6’4” | Weight: 228 | Projected 40 Time: 4.50#3 Notre Dame At Navy | 5:00 p.m. (PT) Saturday, October 27 | CBSChase Claypool has great size and physical traits that should transition smoothly at the next level. So far this season Claypool has recorded 14 receptions for 174 yards and 2 touchdowns. He has demonstrated his ability to use his size and frame to out-box defenders along the outside. Can be lined up at multiple spots along the offensive line. Can run the short, intermediate, and long routes, and will pick up speed to extend plays after the catch. According to many scouts and evaluators who have studied Claypool he has played better than his stats show. Part of this could be to subpar quarterback play.Claypool is improving with each passing season. While he may not have the most established route tree, he has shown growth in this area of his game. What I like most about Claypool is that he is a receiver who has an excellent blend of size and speed to go along with his strong, reliable hands. Claypool can stretch the field on long passing downs, and also serve as a red-zone threat inside the twenty. At the present moment, Claypool is looking like a locked in day two pick with his arrow pointing up.Juan Thornhill, DB, No. 21 - Virginia Height: 6’0” | Weight: 212 | Projected 40 Time: 4.55North Carolina at Virginia | 9:30 a.m. (PT) Saturday, October 27 | CHSSThornhill is not going to get the national media hype playing at Virginia. However, once you see this kid play there is a lot to like on tape. Thornhill has a great frame and size for the position. Plays well in coverage and man to man along the outside. So far this season Thornhill has 31 tackles, with 4 passes broken up and 1 interception. Last season he had 63 tackles with 4 interceptions and 12 passes broken up. On film, Thornhill plays an aggressive and physical brand of football, often cutting receivers off of their routes. He forces receivers onto an island, and isolates his opponent, taking them out of the play.Has good football instincts, and will often line up with the opponents number one option. Thornhill trusts his speed and burst off the snap that allows him to stay with receivers on intermediate and deep routes. Has a natural blend of lower and upper body strength, and runs fluidity through his hips. His size and frame should transition smoothly at the next level. Thornhill is looking like a day two prospect who’s arrow is pointing up. If you get a chance, tune into a Virginia game at some point this season and pay close attention to #2 when the Cavaliers are on defense.Greg ValerioJeffery Simmons, DT, No. 94 - Mississippi StateHeight: 6’4” | Weight: 307No. 16 Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State | 4:00 p.m. (PT) Saturday, October 27 | ESPNAny team in need of interior defensive linemen will be happy with the potential this draft class appears to be loaded with. Although I do not expect the 49ers to spend their first-round pick on a defensive tackle, Jeffery Simmons is a prospect that could be all over the spectrum on team’s boards. The junior is a first-round talent, but has serious off-field concerns every team will need to have vetted thoroughly. On the field, Simmons showcases amazing athleticism and power with impressive quickness, agility, and technique wreaking havoc in backfields as an upfield disrupter with a quick first step and great strength at the point of attack (commands double teams). A large stout run stuffer, Simmons showcases power at the point of attack, capable of handling two-gaps, great in collapsing the pocket, has sound awareness to stop ball carriers next to him utilizing great hand technique (tremendous power in hands) stacking and shedding, and plays with good leverage and power with a high motor chasing down ball carriers coming off back-side blocks. A testament to Simmons’ freakish athleticism, the former high school blue-chip five-star athlete can bench 450 pounds, squat over 600 pounds, and carries only 15 percent body fat at 307 pounds.Clelin Ferrell, DE, No. 99 - ClemsonHeight: 6’5” | Weight: 260No. 2 Clemson vs. Florida State | 9:00 a.m. (PT) Saturday, October 20 | ABCI usually tend not to go over a prospect already mentioned, especially since my boy Alex Eisen had an excellent write-up on Clelin Ferrell earlier in the season; however, since the reality of the 49ers’ draft status is slowly coming to fruition, I believe another mention of Ferrell is worth highlighting. Plus, the 49ers’ are in desperate need of an edge presence http://www.49erslockerroom.com/authentic...ell-jersey , and if Nick Bosa is not the selection, Clelin Ferrell is equally an excellent choice to establish a dominating fear off the edge. Ferrell is a junior prospect that has shown the capacity to improve throughout his collegiate career. With a complete game showing dominance both against the run and the passing game, Ferrell offers a perfect blend of size, length (long arms), strength, and athleticism. He displays great burst off the edge utilizing his length to his advantage playing with excellent leverage, body control (terrific bend), and balance, adept at holding the point of attack and releasing with nice change of direction skills, agility, foot quickness, and power.Ferrell also displays an excellent ability playing front-side blocks at the point of attack utilizing his length and power to successfully stack and shed showing a solid game setting the edge. Moreover, he brings impressive skills defending back-side blocks with nice athleticism, agility, length, and closing speed.The good and the not so good of 49ers red zone performance in Week 1 Kyle Shanahan spoke to the media about the San Francisco 49ers’ red zone performance in Minnesota and I couldn’t agree more with what he said.In reviewing every single red zone play from Sunday’s game, several things stood out to me. Our offense is what you would call “new school.” Several years ago in the NFL, the closer you got to the end zone the bigger the bodies would get. Teams would strive to pound the ball past the goal line. However in watching the tape, our offense is not built to manhandle teams into submission physically. Especially a defensive front as talented as the Minnesota Vikings. The next thing that stood out was offensive line play. The right side of the line was already a question mark so it surely didn’t help when we lost both Mike Person, and Joshua Garnett. Overall however the offensive line struggled to simply block at the point of attack. Power blocking just isn’t how we’re built. Although we tried a few different things in the red zone power wise, we couldn’t compete. Finally, there were simply too many miscues. Bad timing, confusing route combos, and just inaccurate ball placement led to some missed opportunities. With that being said, there are very few defenses in the NFL as fast and powerful as the Vikings. I’m confident that the offense will fix some of the errors, and Kyle will continue to tinker with the formations, and routes to get us better at scoring in more consistent fashion.Here’s some plays I liked from the offense. The first clip is a TE screen. You can see the play is set up by Joe Staley pushing the defensive tackle into the middle of the line. This allows him room to leak out and attack the linebacker. George Kittle also fakes his block by pushing the defensive end up the field, then turns around for the screen. Solid play call, solid execution, but the Vikings defense simply closes so fast to the ball he’s tackled quickly.Here’s another play I like. Shanahan’s offensive scheme often uses bunch formations to free up wide receivers. It also looks to create confusion among the defensive backs with the hopes that someone blows a coverage. In this case that doesn’t happen. Trent Taylor does get open on his route, but the linebacker is very solid in coverage. While he is initially beat, he makes up ground and quickly brings Taylor down to the ground. Again, not many linebackers in the league can run like Eric Kendricks. Let’s look at some plays I don’t like. This one is a poor attempt at an RPO, which is all the rage is today’s NFL. I kept both angles for this one. Jimmy Garoppolo has the option of turning and handing off to Alfred Morris on the stretch run, or he can raise up and throw the quick slant to Pierre Gar莽on. This defensive is way to talented to fall for this simple design. The defensive end automatically stays home versus crashing down the line which is what I assume they were hoping for. Jimmy tries his best to throw around the defender but the pass is knocked down, then he taunts Jimmy G. Here’s another play I don’t quite understand. I’m not sure if someone ran an incorrect route, or if it was drawn up this way. In the end Gar莽on still had a chance at the catch, but it wasn’t made easier by the route combo. Gar莽on lines up in the slot, and Matt Breida motions out wide. This is usually done to get the defense to give away their coverage. If a defensive back follows the running back out, it’s usually zone. If a linebacker heads out to cover the back, it’s usually man to man. For this play Gar莽on runs a great route. The tight end flat route holds the safety Harrison Smith, this leaves the linebacker one on one, and he can’t keep up. Where it gets weird is Matt Breida runs a go route and basically brings his defender right into the same window Gar莽on is in. Now instead of an easy catch, Gar莽on has to go up and make a contested catch; He fails. It’s possible Gar莽on’s route should have been more of an out, but he ran it more like a corner route, I’m really not sure. I could assume Breida should’ve ran a stop but then he would be in the same space as Kittle in the flat.I call this play “fake power.” in an attempt to push the ball into the end zone, the 49ers employ Earl Mitchell in the backfield as a fullback. It’s a dead giveaway to a run play, also Mitchell isn’t going to sneak out the backfield into the flat and catch a pass. Once he motions out it’s pretty obvious which way the play is going. The Vikings read and react quicker than any defense in the league. They all play their part. Harrison Smith (blue circle) knows he isn’t not going to over power Mitchell, but he gets in his way and basically chop blocks him to prevent him from blocking at all on the play. Mitchell just tumbles over him, he’s now become a speed bump. This allows the linebacker to scrape down and fill the hole. He meets Morris one on one and creates contact. It’s possible Morris could’ve forced his way into the end zone here, but of course he trips over Mitchell who’s now laying on the ground. Let’s look at a collection of offensive line fails.I know the clips of some of the drops and missed passes were already all over the web. The drop by Dante Pettis in the end zone, as well as Jimmy G missing Kittle wide open in the back of the end zone to name a few. Here’s a more subtle play that speaks to something we should watch in the future. The play design is great. When you are facing a fast aggressive defense, misdirection is the best way to use their speed against them. The formation creates a power run look to the right side. Everyone on the offense pushes right. Kyle Juszczyk lines up off the line next to tight end Garrett Celek. At the snap he runs opposite the play and is pretty open in the flat. Jimmy G fakes the hand off and hits the naked bootleg with no defender in sight. Look at his footwork however. He sort of skips his feet instead of simply stopping and making an accurate throw. I’ve seen a few videos where his foot work comes into question. He tends to rely on this arm, and hip torque versus setting his feet. He often skips off his back foot, versus really driving the ball. This causes inaccurate throws. This Sunday versus the Detroit Lions, we face a defense a lot less talented then Minnesota. I can anticipate better push at the point of attack. I also hope to see more missed tackles. Our offense is built to create mismatches and broken tackles. We have a lot of fast, shifty wide receivers. Shanahan looks to score via pass plays as opposed to pounding the ball once we hit the ten yard line. Catch and run is the name of the game. This includes quick slants, screens, and bunch route combos. The one variable I’m anxious to see is how Najee Toran performs at the right guard position. Jimmy G does a good job of reading progressions and getting to the open guy, but as seen above, if he doesn’t have the time to scan, he will often get sacked. Jimmy isn’t the “throw the ball away” type of QB. Go Niners!

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