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Pat Elflein Jersey
The story that this comes from is nearly a year old Pat Elflein Jersey , but given that Bill Belichick is back in the Super Bowl. . .again. . .it’s worth taking a look at once again and talking about.Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press has brought us the story of the time that Belichick almost became a part of the Minnesota Vikings’ coaching staff in the early 80s.This came at a time when the Vikings were in serious flux. At the end of the 1983 season, legendary head coach Bud Grant said that he would not be returning to the Vikings’ sidelines. The team promoted wide receivers coach Les Steckel to the head coaching spot, and one of his first moves was to demote then-defensive coordinator Bob Holloway. His intention was to fill that spot on the coaching staff with Belichick, who at the time was a linebackers coach for the New York Giants under Bill Parcells.The Vikings brought Belichick in for an interview, and from Steckel’s recollection, things had gone fairly well.It was a done deal. . .until it wasn’t Dalvin Cook Jersey , as Steckel would find out the next morning.Steckel still isn’t sure who Belichick spoke to in Minnesota that turned him away from taking the job as the Vikings’ defensive coordinator, other than noting that he spoke to then-General Manager Mike Lynn.As it turned out, Belichick’s premonitions were fairly accurate. The 1984 season turned out to be a clusterfudge of monumental proportions, ending with the Vikings finishing with a 3-13 record in what might have been the worst season in franchise history. Steckel was fired after that season, and Bud Grant came back to the sidelines for the 1985 season before turning things over to Jerry Burns.Given the success that Belichick has had over the course of his career, you have to wonder how much. . .if at all. . .the trajectory of his coaching career would have changed if he had decided to take Les Steckel’s offer back in 1984. The Minnesota Vikings moved to 4-2-1 after defeating the New York Jets Jalyn Holmes Jersey , but there are a few things that are concerning. Kirk Cousins had several passes batted at the line of scrimmage, which begs the question does Kirk Cousins have a tell?I took a look at a few games, and in those games Cousins had a few passes batted down at the line of scrimmage. Cousins is one of the league leaders in passes batted down at the line of scrimmage. He might have a tell that defenders are noticing and adjusting to.In a few of the gifs Kirk has a tendency to single or double pat the football before he throws. His throwing motion is not elongated by any means, but it is distinct for defenders to know when he is going to throw the football.The other argument could be that Cousins has a tendency to throw the ball with a lower trajectory. Cousins has a stronger arm than previous Vikings quarterbacks, which does not force him to rely on touch when throwing the football. He knows he can throw it lower and harder and it will get to the target, which can make it harder for defensive backs to make a play on the football. In the above gif Cousins is staring down his receiver which allows the defender to make a play on the football Brian O’Neill Jersey , even with an awkward angle. This is problematic for the offensive line because Riley Reiff does a good job keeping Cousins clean on the play. The Eagles defensive lineman should be out of the play, but Cousins consistent rhythmic pattern becomes a tell for the defender. Whether its a consistent pattern to his game, or low trajectory with his passes, Cousins will need to find a way to reduce the amount of batted passes at the line of scrimmage. To help his offensive line Cousins will need to adjust his throwing motion or change the rhythm or timing of his throws. This is difficult for Cousins because he is a rhythm thrower and relies on being sound technically each play. When Cousins is off rhythmically he becomes jittery in the pocket and visibly frustrated. These are correctable issues, but they will need to be fixed sooner rather than later.

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